drone videography

Aerial filming was made possible by taking cameras on a manned flight.  Drones are an exciting, increasingly popular tool of taking photos and videos.  Equipment quality has improved drastically!  With the right equipment and an experienced drone operator, breathtaking footage can be achieved.


Sample Videos / 映像サンプル

Filmed in Arizona, USA (米国アリゾナ州にて撮影)


MUSIC VIDEO:  Nothing out There 4 Me / Delra Harris

Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA(米国ジョージア州アトランタにて撮影)
Filmed in Honolulu, Hawaii(米国ハワイ州にて撮影)


Filmed in Honolulu, Hawaii(米国ハワイ州にて撮影)


Filmed in Chiba, Japan(千葉県にて撮影)


Other Video Samples:

YAHOO! ニュース 保戸島空襲 [Yahoo! Japan News Hotojima Air Raids]

Hotojima [Yahoo! Japan Domentary]

Yahoo! ニュース 保戸島空襲 Hotojima [Yahoo! Japan Air Raids]

フジテレビ 逃走中![FujiTV Tousochu]

フジテレビ 逃走中 FujiTV Tousochu

日本 スピードゴルフオープン 2017 [Japan Speed Golf Open 2017]

Drones make it possible to keep up closely with athletes during the fast-paced “Japan Speed Golf Open 2017.” Excellent equipment for scenery long shots – legal maximum height are 150 meters (Japan) and 120 meters (US). At a max speed of 80km/hr, this drone makes it possible to more than keep up at events featuring fast action.


日本スピードゴルフ 2017年 Japan Speed Golf 2017

日本スピードゴルフ 2017年 Japan Speed Golf 2017