Aya SugimotoActress, TV Personality, Dancer

“Hiro expands his world with his sometimes-too-friendly but lovable character, making even strangers feel like he’s an old friend. There’s nothing like his unique personality.”

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“What’s interesting about Hiro is how he doesn’t make his models feel intimidated” (Masatoshi Nishimura / Vocal, Bass)

“This photographer is just badass.” (Kenji Kitajima / Guitar)

“An all-around photographer!” (Wataru Yamada / Drums)

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Atlanta Live Performance Photographer Concert

DJ Pierre – Phuture

I trust Hiro to see those moments as well and capture them in a way that will expose whatever emotion, feeling, or even thought floating around. Plus he’s a really nice guy.

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Ruriko KubohJ-Rock Singer

“From the moment I met Hiro, I felt as if we had been friends for decades. 

This is what makes him so special. 

His friendly, relaxed personality gives his photographs a distinctive atmosphere. 

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Kenshin KawakamiFormer MLB Player for the Atlanta Braves

Hiro took many photos of me when I was playing in the US. Looking at the photos, I can picture every single scene from those days.

All the great memories from MLB are associated with the photos. Way to go, Hiro.

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Akinori OgataNASCAR Driver

Even in some of the most difficult shootings, such as moving vehicles, he just knows how to capture the ‘moment.’​

“Of all of my racing pictures, Hiro Sato’s pictures are bar none, the BEST.”

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Delra HarrisMulti-Award Winning Recording Artist

Hiro gives his absolute best at everything he does. I can always count on him to be punctual, dedicated, professional, friendly, and always prepared whenever we film together.   Whether it’s a still shot, action video, or amazing drone visuals, Hiro nails it every time. 

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Naoto Kine (TM NETWORK) Musician

“The unique kind of photos that only Hiro, who didn’t grow up on an island, can take.”

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Etsu (TRF)Dance Creator, Dancer

“Thank you for capturing the best moment of being myself!”

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Lily BeauchardActress

“Hiro Sato is truly THE BEST. 

I joke with him that “Hiro” must mean “dynamite” in Japanese. He is consistently outstanding, producing “dynamite” results! I will always refer everyone I know to him.”

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Yumi YoshinoActress

“Hiro must still be a boy at heart, always happy and curious about everything. His charming personality makes you open up quickly and he has the skills and magical power that make you want to be in the shoot forever (laughs).”

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Hiro Nishiuchi Model, Actress, 2014 Miss Universe Japan

“Hiro is a cheerful and funny photographer, whose personality makes me be who I am and who brings out my natural self.”

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Rie YasumiSenryu Poet

“I’ve known Hiro for over 10 years now and he is always cheerful!

I love the photos he takes!”

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TOKUJazz Musician

 “I like the way he releases the shutter. His framing is great. I can feel the uniqueness of his photos, which is fantastic.”

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Michael ShikanyActor

“Thank you Hiro Sato for taking so much care and using your expertise to give me such professional headshots.”

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Chanda LeighSinger, Songwriter

Hiro Sato is a kind soul who looks deeply into the reflection of his camera’s lens and finds beauty in it.


Katsuaki FurukiFormer Japanese Baseball Player

His photos are not just “good”, but tell so much more behind the scene. Whether it’s a heartwarming smile or tension in the air, looking at the photos makes me feel as I am being touched by that special moment. 

Let him capture the best of you.

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Kazuhiko KanayamaActor

“Hiro definitely has techniques, but moreover, his personality combined makes him a great photographer.”

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Hideaki MatsuokaRock Singer

“What makes Hiro’s works so attractive is that he doesn’t try to take “good pictures” but focuses on bringing out the best of his models by capturing the moments when they shine the most… Sometimes I feel like Hiro knows before the “perfect moment” arrives, that it’s coming.”


Yoshiko KishinoJazz Pianist

“It was 25 years ago that I first met Hiro in New York, where I recorded my debut album.

Hiro’s photos have that natural balance and brightness that characterizes him. It’s probably his friendly nature and the way he can make friends with anyone, that makes them amazing.”

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“Since he is a skilled drone photographer, I’m looking forward to having him take some aerial shots of us at major shows, or with our motorcycles!”

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TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUNDJapanese techno electronica group

“His stylish and refined works always come out as I imagined… in fact, they often exceed my expectations. His work and personality are both very attractive.” (Tohru Fujimura)

“I felt as if I saw “what the world is about” (Tomohisa Ishikawa)

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Shanti SnyderSinger, Lyricist, Composer

“Hiro is a photographer who wants to understand who you are and what you represent in order to capture the natural shine of a person.

I enjoyed the outdoor photoshoot we did in Bali. His choice of location allowed me to show my natural being and the quality of the photos.”

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Aiko OhbuchiLawyer, TV Personality

”Hiro’s photos and videos are priceless. He impresses me every time!”

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Shinnosuke (ex SOUL’d OUT)Producer, Composer

He is professional at opening other people’s hearts so his photo session is stress-free.

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Mika SuzukiActress

“He really captures my spirit of wanting to approach my work truthfully. 

Hiro’s carefree, innocent smile always encourages me.”

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Kapal a mascot representing the city of Shiki, in Saitama Prefecture

The photos taken by Hiro captured and clearly showed the feelings of Kapal, who supposedly have an expressionless face. I love his personality and his photos, which are so neutral and easy to be around.

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