Though I am younger than him, respectfully, Hiro is a pleasant boy. In a way, a monster?

I know quite a few foreigners and have seen a variety of human resources with different professions. But he is unlike any of them.

His performance exceeds all restrictions, and he becomes familiar with new gadgets that have potential but can be human sacrifices. And he enjoys it.

Knowing him, I felt as if I saw “what the world is about”. But those who enjoy it, are the ones that can become friends with him.


Hiro has shot the photos and music videos of TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND several times.

His stylish and refined works always come out as I imagined… in fact, they often exceed my expectations.

His work and personality are both very attractive. I hope we get to do a drone shoot in the US someday

Technoboys Pulcraft Green Fund feat Yume Koda [CD Whimsical Wayward Wish] Released 08/10/2016 Photo by Hiro Sato
Filmed in Tokyo, Japan

Director : Hiro Edward Sato

Editor : Kenji Kawamura

Camera Operator : Hiro Edward Sato, Kenji Kawamura, BBRYO, Hirotoshi Maekawara, kisaragi nel

Drone Operator : Hiro Edward Sato

Lighting : Take

Hair & Make-up : Hitomi Tadenuma

Special Thanks : ガイコツ書店員本田さん製作委員会